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" I am delighted with your ring. So is my wife who tells me I do not snore any more. Thank you very much! "

D.Warren, Ipswich.


A snoring cure isn't always  
possible, but will a snoring  
ring help at all?

1 - Why do people snore? 2 - What is silent knight ring? 3 - How does it work?

Obstructive sleep apnoea (sometimes spelled apnea) is a condition where breathing can stop during sleep for 10 seconds or more, at which point you wake up and breathing starts again. This can happen up to 200 times per night and obviously results in a restless night's sleep, you'll wake up tired, and suffer from impaired performance the following day.

Sleep apnoea is much more common in men than women, and most sufferers snore loudly. It's associated with several other health problems, and is a risk factor for heart disease, as patients with sleep apnoea are more likely to have high blood pressure and to suffer from a stroke.

Will a stop snoring ring help? Is Silent Knight RIng the best choice?

Well, you can buy your Silent Knight Ring with no risk, as - if it doesn't work for you - return it for a FULL REFUND. There's no silly small print to worry about - get it back to us and we refund your purchase price in full.

What about a cheap snoring ring?

If you think a cheaper cnoring ring might be just as good, don't forget that Silent Knight Ring is made from solid stirling silver and this is essential to ensure the ring is maliable, as it won't work at all unless it's squeezed slightly each time it's placed on your finger. Any lower quality metal will quickly wear out, meaning the ring will have to be replaced completely at YOUR expense, which is why there are cheaper products out there. 

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