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" I am delighted with your ring. So is my wife who tells me I do not snore any more. Thank you very much! "

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Why do people snore?
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1 - Why do people snore? 2 - What is silent knight ring? 3 - How does it work?

Snoring really is common - effective cures for snoring less so! Snoring is so common in fact that it's not considered too politically incorrect to make jokes about it! However, there's nothing funny at all about having a partner who appears to be sleeping soundly, but is making so much noise that you can't sleep at all yourself. You start the day tired and irritable, your relationship suffers, your work suffers, and if you're driving tired, you could be putting yourself and others at risk unnecessarily.

A common cause of occasional snoring is alcohol, especially red wine. If you or your partner is fond of a glass or two of wine of an evening (especially close to bedtime) cutting this down or, ideally, out altogether could help considerably.

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