Why do people snore?
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Silent Knight Ring is
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how does it work?

1 - Why do people snore? 2 - What is silent knight ring? 3 - How does it work?

The raised part on the inside of Silent Knight Ring acts, when correctly positioned, on one of the meridian lines in the little finger of the snorer. It uses age-old principle of Accupressure, specifically the principle of Tuina (pronounced 'twee nah') which is a form of Oriental bodywork used in China. It's a combination of massage, acupressure, and other forms of body manipulation.

You might have heard of Reflexology, where pressure is applied to the hands, feet, and even ears to treat a variety of conditions. Tuina is a form of reflexology that has a history pre-dating ANY conventional western medicine by thousands of years.

To make Silent Knight Ring work for you all you have to do is put it on about an hour before you go to bed, correctly position the Accupressure Stimulator (full instructions are included) and give the ring one gentle squeeze to apply pressure - that's it! Tuina and Silent Knight Ring are working together for you to cut out your problem snoring completely!

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